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April 2018

From the desk of Mrs. Larva

Updates to Parent Pick-Up

A dedicated group of parents from the PTA and our Lowell staff have been collaborating to make our parent pick-up process safer and more efficient. Parents were surveyed and the results have been shared with staff and the PTA. The efforts of that group will be to provide information to parents that will help with our processes.

During the last week of March, the staff that has been monitoring our parent pick-up trialed a new process. After working out a few kinks, we are ready to roll with it! Below are the details that you as a parent need to know regarding our new process:

  • All students will remain supervised indoors during the parent pick-up process to ensure their safety.
  • All adults picking up students should display their hanging tag.
  • The supervising adults will use the radios to request a student(s) to come outside for their ride.
  • Students need to quickly enter the vehicle so the next group of cars can pull forward.
  • Drivers should watch for direction from the supervising adults as to where to park.
  • Students may be moved forward to ensure that all cars move forward in an attempt to keep cars off of Rice Lake Rd.
  • All students must be picked up by 2:25. If a driver is running late, they must pick up their student from inside the office beyond that time.

Testing, testing, and testing!

It seems like once we finally reach spring, our “testing season” begins. Today I would like to take a few minutes to communicate our state-testing calendar at Lowell Elementary School.

MCA-III (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments series III):

This is the state of Minnesota’s accountability test used by all public schools. The Reading and Math assessments are administered to all students at Lowell in grades 3-5. Only fifth graders are given the Science test. These assessments align with the state standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science, and are designed to ensure that school districts have aligned their local curriculum to meet these high academic benchmarks.

These results are used by the state to determine if our school is meeting our proficiency targets, closing our identified achievement gaps, and meeting growth targets for our students. These components are then combined for our score that is used to determine our Multiple Measures Rating (MMR) achievement level. Each fall, individual student results are mailed to the school. This data is used by the teachers to identify students that might need additional supports during the school year. Teachers review the data with families at our first set of conferences.

Our MCA testing will began the last week of March and will continue through May 10. The testing schedule is as follows:

March 27-30: Reading for Erie, Holt, and Pulkrabek

April 10-13: Reading for Kass, Warmanen, Larson/Zwak and Skinaway

April 17-19: Math for Holt and Warmanen

April 25-27: Math for Pulkrabek, Larson/Zwak and Skinaway

May 1-3: Math for Erie and Kass

May 8-10: 5th Grade Science testing

2018-19 Teacher Input

In May, we will begin the process of placing students in classes for the 2018-19 school year. As a school, we go through a procedure to create balanced classes. This requires the consideration of a variety of factors, including student work habits, diversity, interests, academic ability, special needs, learning styles, behaviors, and gender balance. We devote time as a team to set up classes and schedules.

Parent input will be considered when balancing classrooms. If you would like us to know additional information about your child, please use the following steps:

  1. Parents can provide comments in writing to Principal Jen Larva. These may be hand delivered to the office or emailed to jennifer.larva@isd709.org by Monday, April 30, 2018.

  2. The comments should list any educational or personal information that you feel the current teacher may not know about your child.

If you know that your child will not be attending school at Lowell during the 2018-19 school year, we would appreciate you providing this information to your child’s classroom teacher.

Important Upcoming Dates

April 2-6: No School for Students

April 12: Statewide Severe Weather Drill practice at 1:45

April 18: PTA meeting in the media center at 6pm

April 30: Culture Night at Lowell 5pm-7pm

Save the Date! Friday May 25

Grandparent's Day is coming up this spring. More details will be coming out as to times and format in May.
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April Media Center News

Recently the Lowell Library received a HUGE donation of over 250 new, library-bound nonfiction books from Mr. Van Allen, a retired children's book sales rep. Mr. Allen donated nearly 700 books (valued over $13,000!) to Duluth Public Schools' libraries. Because of his work with Mrs. Van Scoy, he chose Lowell to be the primary beneficiary. Lowell students and staff thanked Mr. Allen with a painting by Americorp tutor Jonia Gordon and signed by Lowell students (see pictures). In April we will be celebrating National School Library Month and National Poetry Month in the media center.

Please continue to help your students return their library books on time (Day 3 of the specialist rotation). Overdue book notices were sent home the end of March. Here's a link to the Library Book Return Due Dates Calendar. Be sure to contact me at sheryl.vanscoy@isd709.org or send a note with any questions or concerns about missing books.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Van Scoy (Mrs. V.)

The Bookworm Club

Wonderful Wordplay

Use these activities to build your child's phonemic awareness - her ability to hear sounds in words:

  • Choose a three letter word, such as cap. Have your youngster substitute different beginning sounds from the alphabet to make new words (lap, map, nap, rap, sap, tap, zap). How many can she think of?
  • Pick a long word and tell her to clap once as she says each syllable. For mozzarella, she would clap four times: moz-za-rel-la.
  • Ask your child to say a word without the first sound. "Can you say sit without the s?" (Answer: it)
  • Think of a word and give your youngster a "sound" clue to figure it out. For instance, "I'm thinking of a word for something you chew but don't swallow. The word has an uh sound in the middle." (Answer: Gum)

Mrs. Larva's Book Pick

Like her classmates, builder Iggy and inventor Rosie, scientist Ada, a character of color, has a boundless imagination and has always been hopelessly curious. Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it’s up to her to find the source. What would you do with a problem like this? Not afraid of failure, Ada embarks on a fact-finding mission and conducts scientific experiments, all in the name of discovery. But, this time, her experiments lead to even more stink and get her into trouble!

P.E. Winter Newsletter

In Physical Education class we focus on “Being Good Team Members” and the understanding that activities and games work when we are SAFE, KIND, RESPECTFUL, and HONEST Always!


We had a very successful Jump for Heart event. Our Students raised over $4300!!

Prizes for students earning donations for the American Heart Association will be in soon!

Thank you to all our Lowell students participating in this wonderful event!

Dates to remember!

FIT and FUN Run: May 16 at PSS, (Denfeld) Buses leave Lowell at 12:15. RUN TIME is 12:40. Buses return to Lowell at 1:20.

FIELD DAY: Thursday, June 7. Last Day of School! Volunteers will be needed to help with field day stations.

The UMD Methods Course students are here at Lowell until the end of April. Eight students from UMD are visiting our awesome school/Gym and bringing their expertise and great ideas for teaching our students.

Action Based Learning!

Brain research supports the link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance. The Lowell PE program provides motor learning activities to strengthen cognitive development. In addition to our Physical Education program, Action Based Learning activities are available in the Barnes Gym for all students.

DON’T Forget Your GYM SHOES!

Kristin Bergerson, PE Specialist

218-336-8895 #3002

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Community Announcements

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We are often asked to distribute information for community groups. These have not been vetted by the school district. Please use your own judgement when evaluating the content of these flyers.
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