By: Ben


This moves with its flagella which is a whip like tail that propels the cell around. This protist reproduces by splitting itself in half and making a copy of itself. This gets food from photosynthesis and sometimes it absorbs nutrients through its cell wall if theres no sunlight. This responds to its environment by helping find sunlight.
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This moves by a pseudopod which is also known as a false foot and it moves by dragging itself around. It reproduces by splitting its nucleus and making copies of itself. It moves its pseudopod around its food and absorbs it. It resounds to is environment by making some of the water contaminated.
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Amoeba biology


It moves around with its cilia which propel the cell. it reproduces by asexual which means they make a copy of themselves. They eat using there cilia to push food into there oral groove. They respond to the environment by making big colonies
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The volvox moves using cilia. It reproduces by the daughter colonies bursting open and releasing all the cells. It eats by photosynthesis using its chloroplast or absorbing food through the surface. It responds to the environment by when they group up you can see them.
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Volvox Dances