Estridge Edition

News From Our 5th Grade Classroom 9/16/16

What's Happening in the Classroom

Notes from the Teacher

I am still missing about half of the field trip forms for our trip to Taltree. If you are unable to pay at this time, please send in the form and you can turn in the money when you can.

Your child will receive an information packet on Tuesday 9/20/16 on the PTA fundraiser for our Read-A-Thon.


In math, we will start Topic 3-Multiplication of Multi-digit numbers. We start by looking at multiplying numbers by different powers of 10, estimating our answers to check if they are reasonable, and then moving into the standard algorithm of multiplication.

In Writing, we will continue working in Unit 1-Personal Narrative. We will start writing our rough drafts in class and then revise our writing looking at word choice. In language, we will explore subjects, predicates, and combining sentences.

In Reading, we will wrap up our novel study. Your child will complete in class a Think-Tac-Toe with activities based from the book we read the last two weeks. We will take the Unit 2 Assessment on Monday and review it in class-this is not for a grade. We will walk through the questions and analyze the types of questions on this test.

We will continue Social Studies this week in Unit 2-Native Americans. We will start wrapping up our project-Native American Informational Books.

Spelling List for This Week-None:)

Dates to Remember

October 14-Taltree Field Trip morning

October 20-School Pictures

October 21-No School

November 8-No School

October 27-Art Field Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago-more info from Mrs. Cummings

May 10th and 11th-Camp T.