April Resource Newsletter

School and Community Resources

Dear WLMS families,

Greetings from your family ambassador! The school year is quickly coming to an end, and we are asking all of our students and families to do their best to finish strong! This school year has been difficult; with the transition to fully in-person learning, dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks in our communities, and students relearning how to be back in the classroom and what is expected of them, all of us should be proud that we have made it this far in the school year. We would like to thank you all for working with us and being patient with WLMS staff as we adjusted to this new reality.

This month's resource newsletter will include some resources shared in the March newsletter, along with some new resources that can help our students finish the year on a good note. If there is a resource that anyone knows about and thinks would be beneficial to list in this newsletter, feel free to email it to me. My contact information will be at the bottom of this newsletter. The more resources we can share with each other, the better!

Resources for Academic Support

School Tutoring

This year, various teachers at WLMS are offering extra support and tutoring after school through Zoom. If your student is struggling and needs extra help in classes, reach out to their teacher(s) via ClassDojo to see if they are offering time after class to meet and tutor students.

Clever Tool: PAPER Tutoring

This year, 6th-12th graders have access to a new resource that can help them with their schoolwork: Paper Tutoring. Paper is a 24/7 online tutoring platform that is intended to offer FREE, extra support to students. All interactions with tutors are chat-based, and the tutor only sees the student's first name, last initial, and grade level.

The platform shows the classes that the student is in, and allows them to connect with a tutor based on the class that they need help with. Students can also submit essays for review. Tutors are there to guide students through the coursework that they need support in.

Families can also log in through their student's account and talk to the tutors. ALL interactions between tutor and student are recorded so that there is full transparency for families and administrators, and there is support in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Students can access Paper tutoring through their Clever account. To access Clever, click the photo below.

Columbus Metropolitan Library

*To access help with schoolwork from a Columbus Metropolitan Library location, you will need a library card. If you don't have a library card, you can apply for one for free at this link: https://www.columbuslibrary.org/apply-library-card/. If you need help filling out this form, you can reach out to the family ambassador, or you can also apply for a card in person (children need an adult present to get a library card).

Homework Help Centers
  • Students from kindergarten to 12th grade can receive free after-school help with school work at School Help Centers, which are located in Columbus Metropolitan Library branches
  • Hours vary by location, which you can view here: https://www.columbuslibrary.org/school-help/

Other resources: go to https://www.columbuslibrary.org/school-help/ for tips and strategies for families to help students with homework, reading, etc.

New District Initiative: Academic Success Coaches

Some families may soon be getting a phone call, text, or email from Engage Ohio as part of a new partnership to boost school engagement, attendance, and academic success. CCS is partnering with the Ohio Department of Education, Graduation Alliance, and Engage Ohio to connect families with more FREE academic resources and support at home, especially for students who may have missed an average of one or more days a week throughout the school year.

The Academic Success Coaches work with K-12 students, and develop individualized plans to meet the individual needs of students they are working with. They are NOT tutors; rather, they are there as resources to help stabilize and improve student attendance and academic performance.

This is a FREE resource for families who decide to opt in. You can opt in to the program when a coach from Engage Ohio reaches out to you.

2022 CCS Summer Experience

Looking for what to do over the summer? Does your child need "summer school"?

The 2022 Summer Experience takes place June 21 - July 28, and it’s FREE to all Pre-K through 12 Columbus City Schools students. More than 8,000 students took part in last year’s Summer Experience, and we’re excited to provide CCS students and families with six weeks of exciting school and community-based learning experiences.

Our teachers and community partners have created powerful, hands-on enrichment opportunities that will challenge students to continue growing as learners.

This year’s Summer Experience has expanded to include new and familiar project-based learning students and families were able to enjoy through our Pathway Express focuses: Entrepreneurship, Family & Consumer Sciences, Fine Arts, STEM, and World Languages & Cultures.

Summer Experience will also present students with an opportunity to accelerate their learning or engage in course recovery. Register in the Parent Portal today!


  • Elementary and Middle School - Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • High School Students - Monday - Thursday 7:15 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily for all students.
  • Health and safety protocols will be followed.
  • No school on Monday, July 4, in observance of the Fourth of July.

Student Expectations

  • The only school supply your child needs this summer is a fully charged device. School sites will provide all other supplies such as pens, paper, pencils, etc.
  • Do not bring devices to Spruce Run, the District’s Nature Center.
  • During the Summer Experience, students are expected to follow all the policies, rules, and guidelines outlined in the Guide to Student Success.


  • Yellow School Bus Transportation is provided this summer for the following students:
    • Elementary School students
    • Middle School students
    • ONLY High School taking courses at Spruce Run.
  • Masks are optional for all students.

Transportation to Spruce Run

  • Transportation for high school students registered for Spruce Run this summer will be provided Monday through Thursday..
  • The bus will leave from Fort Hayes at 7:30 a.m. and return at 12:30 p.m.
  • Masks are optional for all students.
  • Suggested Dress for Spruce Run: Close-toed shoes, long pants or shorts, and knee socks to prevent ticks, a hat, and sunscreen applied at home.

Student Success Cards

The District is expanding its pilot Student Success Card program to additional school sites this summer. The CCS Success Card is a personalized ID featuring a photo, name, and ID number. Students will receive their student success card during the first week of the Summer Experience. The Student Success Card will be used for:

  • Board the school bus in mornings and afternoons
  • Serve as ID during the school day
  • Access online learning
  • Check-out books from the Columbus Metropolitan Library
  • Students must wear the Success Card each day.

English as a Second Language Students

  • ESL Intervention Specialists will be available at all school sites to assist ESL students in the classroom.
  • Parents can also reach out to the ESL Language Assistance Center: Summer Hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  • Spanish- 614-365-5118 or 614-365-5334
  • Arabic- 614-365-6920
  • French- 614-365-5327
  • Somali- 614-365-8972
  • Nepali- 614-365-3105

Questions and Concerns

  • For transportation questions, call the Transportation Call Center at 614-365-5074 between 7 a.m - 4 p.m. on weekdays.
  • Device issues call the HelpDesk at 614-645-8425.
  • For all other Summer Experience questions, call 614-365-5010.

Resources specific to the school

Who can I reach out to at school?

If you have any questions, concerns, or need to be connected to resources in our community, you can reach out to the following people in our school building:

School Counselors:

Mr. Carter - wcarter@columbus.k12.oh.us

Mr. Mobley - cmobley@columbus.k12.oh.us

Other People to Know in the building:

Ms. Short, School Social Worker - sshort1110@columbus.k12.oh.us

Ms. Landis, Community Liaison - llandis699@columbus.k12.oh.us

Ms. Figueroa, Family Ambassador - jfigueroa@columbus.k12.oh.us

You can also connect with any of us over the phone by calling the school at (614) 365-5707 and asking to speak with one of us.

Resources for Translation and English Classes

Big picture

Language Assistance for Families

If you need language assistance when contacting the school or the district, the personnel in the ESL call center is able to assist with immediate emergency interpretation over the phone from the hours of 8:15am-3:45pm.

If you speak English, and need language assistance, please call (614) 365-8802.

If you speak Spanish, and need language assistance, please call (614) 365-5118.

Hadaad ku hadashid Soomaali ood u baahantahay in lagaa caawiyo luuqadda Ingiriiska, fadlan soo wac (614) 365-8972

If you speak French, and need language assistance, please call (614) 365-5327.

If you speak Nepali, and need language assistance, please call (614) 365-3105.

If you speak Arabic, and need language assistance, please call (614) 365-6920.

If you speak Kinyarwandan, and need language assistance, please call (380) 997-0891.

Community Resources

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Organizations That Can Connect You to Services

2-1-1: Lutheran Social Services Help Line

  • Connects people with a variety of social, health, and government resources
  • If you need emergency food assistance, rent and housing assistance, transportation services, etc., you can dial 211 and be connected to someone that can help you find the resources you need in your area.
  • Website: https://lssnetworkofhope.org/211centralohio/services/

Columbus Public Health Social Workers


Facebook Group: THE FOOD SOLDIER

  • A Facebook group dedicated to sharing free food resources throughout Columbus, along with other programs that might be beneficial for families
  • They also have their own place from which they distribute produce and other foods for free on certain days, which are shared through the Facebook group
  • You have to request to join the group, but they are open to accepting whoever wants to join
  • Here is the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeFOODSoldier/?ref=share

Photo text: Hunger is not an issue of charity, it is an issue of justice.

No one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.

Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resource Center

  • Resource center for families living in Franklin County, but they target the Clintonville area and surrounding communities
  • Family Services office: offers services like food pantry, counseling, health services, and more
  • Crisis Desk: provides one-on-one short term assistance for client's in emergency situation at (614) 266-9241

Lutheran Social Services (LSS)

LSS is an organization providing social services to people across central Ohio. You do not have to be Lutheran or part of any religion in order to receive services. There are various programs that LSS has for families, but I wanted to highlight two programs in particular.

LSS Food Pantries

  • Provide non-perishable food, produce, bread, meat, dairy, and some personal care items
  • They allow for families to order online once a month at lssfoodpantries.org
  • Call 1-877-LSS-MEAL to schedule an appointment
  • They also have times for families to pick up fresh produce which vary by location; call number for details
They have two locations:
  1. 1460 S. Champion Ave., Columbus, OH 43206
  2. Glenwood Community Center: 1888 Fairmont Ave. Columbus, OH 43223

LSS Faith Mission Health Center

  • It is a health center that provides primary medical care and various other services, like vision, dental and behavioral health care
  • Care provided regardless of income or insurance status
  • Can schedule an in-person or telemedicine appointment
  • Call (614)-224-6617, hit option number 3 when get to menu of phone call
  • Website: https://lssnetworkofhope.org/healthcenterfaithmission/services

LSS provides various other services, including shelters for adults experiencing homelessness, a shelter for domestic violence victims, services for seniors, etc. For more information on LSS's other services, click this link: https://lssnetworkofhope.org/.

World Language Middle School

Jacqueline Figueroa, Family Ambassador

Google Number: 614-547-3169

Email: jfigueroa@columbus.k12.oh.us