Bill of Rights

Aysis Azarcon

Amendment One: freedom of speech, religion, and press

You may say or write anything you want. You can follow any religion you want. People can gather in groups. If you have a complaint, go ahead and speak up- the government can't stop you.

Court case: Miller v. California

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Amendment Two: Right to Bear Arms

Citizens have the right to protect themselves- so, the government cant stop people from owning guns.

Bonidy v. the U.S. Postal Service

TabBonidy parked his car with a firearm in it in the post office parking lot where guns are prohibited on the property.

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Amendment Three: No quartering of soldiers in times of peace

Soldiers during the time of peace can not barge in and demand to live in your house and eat your food.

Court case: Nevada man- his third amendment rights violated?

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Amendment Four: Unreasonable Search and Seizure

Police can't barge into anyone's property and search for things, they must have a search warrant and give a good reason for the search. They also have to say where and what they are looking for.

Arizona v. Evans

The court instituted an exclusionary rule exception allowing evidence obtained through a warrantless search to be valid when a police record erroneously indicates the existence of an outstanding warrant due to negligent conduct of a clerk of court.

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Amendment Five: Double- Jeopardy, Self- Incrimination, Due Process Law

For a capital crime, a grand jury must be present. You can only be charged once for crime. In court, you don't have to say anything against yourself. Nobody can take away your life, freedom, or belongings without giving you a fair first trial.

Court case: Barron v. Baltimore

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Amendment Six: Right to Speedy Public Trial

If a person is charged with a crime, the trial should happen as soon as possible. You shouldn't have to sit in jail, waiting for a trial, it must be held public. A jury will decide if you are guilty or innocent. You have the right to tell your side of the story. You can have a lawyer and witnesses to back you up.

Court case: Pointer v. Texas

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Amendment Seven: Right of Trial by Jury

You can have a jury settle civil cases involving a lot of money. Once the case is decided, it cant be brought up again in another court.

Court case: Tull v. United States

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Amendment Eight: No Excessive Bail/ Fines, No Cruel/ Unusual Punishment

Your punishment should fit your crime. You shouldn't have to pay too much bail or unreasonable fines. the government cant punish you in a cruel or unusual way.

Gregg v. Georgia

A jury imposed the death sentence on Gregg, after finding him guilty on charges of armed robbery and murder.

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Amendment Nine: Protection of Unenumerated Rights

The government cant take away your rights, whether they're mentioned in the Bill of Rights or not.

Court case: Roe v. Wade

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Amendment Ten: Limited Power of Federal Government

As long as the constitution doesn't say anywhere that the states cant do something, then the states have the power.

Court case: Missouri v. Holland

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