Ever wanted to visit Africa?

Want to go somewhere tropical?

Come to the most amazing place on earth!

Madagascar is southeast of Africa. It's located on the Indian Ocean. Some things you might not know is that Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world! The island is mostly made up of Highland Plateau. Enjoy all your favorite water activities in the ocean. Warm humid climate perfect all year round! Come to Madagascar today

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa. It runs through Tanzania and Uganda. It is a freshwater lake filled with a wealth of fish. Great for fishing and You'll see a lot of locals near there. Come see our exotic fish!

Like to Explore? Visit the Atlas Mountains

It's 1,500 from Southwest Morocco through Algeria to north Tunisia. This is where the highest mountain ranges are found. There are many minerals there like coal,iron,soil,and phosphates. You have to see them for yourselves.

Visit Sahel

It is a nature pasture, filled with low growing grass and trees. Some animals are Camels, pack oxs, grazing cattle, and sheep. Wet/ Dry climates. It only rains 1-8 inches per year. * months are the dry months