The Black Death

Jacara Wiggins

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Greater Works Of The Black Death

*Doctors set a stage on modern medicine at the time.

*The Black Death had a diagnosis that it revolved around superstition.

*Education began placing greater emphasis on medicine.

*New schools were being established and also new techniques and more medicines.

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Who Was Affected By The Black Death?

*Old and young, men and women; all of society, royalty, peasants, archbishops, nuns, and parish clergy.

*Artisans and artistic skills were severely affected.

*The artists that died were also in poetry productions.

*This is mainly how their art spread into the world today.

*There were shortages of people to till the land and tend towards cattle and sheep.

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Was The Black Death A One Time Thing?

*No. There were 3 other "pandemics."

*There was a significant international epidemic in the 6th century A.D.

*Another was when the plague returned to Britain in 1361-1374.

*It was regularly until it disappeared shortly after the Great Plague of 1665.

*The final "episode." broke out more than once in Asia in the 1890's.

*The cause of the final episode was that it established new foci which is still found in animal populations today.