Theology of the Body

By: Addie, Kiley, & Sarah


Theology of the body is a teaching made up from 129 of John Paul II "Wednesday audiences", which he did in his first six years of papacy. These Wednesday audiences were about the human body and sexuality.

Pope John Paul II says....

"The body in fact, and it alone is capable of making visible what is invisible: the spiritual and divine."

5 key facts

1. Agape, is the Greek word for unconditional love, this is the type of love that God has for us.

2. Marriage is God's gift to us, Pope John Paul II calls marriage the primordial sacrament which means the original sacrament, marriage transmits the in the visible world, the invisible meaning of God.

3. God wants us all to chose love, which will bring us deep joy within a life of virtue and holiness.

4. In Christ we find redemption, a renewal of marriage, and a foreshadowing of the joy to be found in heaven.

5. Theology of the Body highlights the woman's ability to image the Church and the man's ability to image Christ as the initiator of the gift, one who serves and loves generously.

Why TOB is helpful for someone wanting to find lasting love....

Theology of the Body teaches us that...

True love is faithful, free, fruitful, and total

To have true love, chastity is important before marriage, so that you're body is a gift to one person, and that once you give yourself to them, you are in complete union with them

For your love to prosper, Natural Family Planning can be used as a means to have your marriage be fruitful instead of contraception which is morally inexcusable

Love Conquers All

Dave Roever marries Brenda, shortly after, he joined the Navy, not wanting to avoid the draft or be injured. Before he left for war he promised her "baby, ill be back without a scar". He flew to Sa Dec where he joined River Division 573 and served on the front lines against the Viet. In those 8 months, Dave held onto his faith and the Theology of the Body while other men did not, these men gave into the shallow escape of drugs, pornography, and prostitutes whereas Dave stayed true and strong in his faith. Dave was a week away from a military paid trip to Hawaii where he planned to meet Brenda for a second Honeymoon. But on July 25, 1969 Dave's unit was ambushed, his riverboat team survived the attack but something ripped a small hole in his cheek, it was stitched without a problem and he was grateful to be alive. It was July 26, at Thu Thua and Dave's unit moved up the river where they had had the intense fight the day before, Dave sensed something was wrong and so he reached down and grabbed a grenade, pulled the pin, and cocked his arm to throw it, intending to create a smoke screen for his boat, to make a getaway. A sniper shot Dave through the back of his hand and into the grenade. The grenade, which burned at 5,000 degrees was ignited. In an instant, Dave's body was on fire, the right side of his face was blown off, he jumped into the water, and managed to swim to shore, where he collapsed, still on fire. He rushed out by helicopter to San Antonio and when he awoke the soldier next to him was skinless burned from head-to-toe, Dave heard the man's wife come in and toss the wedding ring down at his feet. She said she could never walk down the street with him again and walked out. Finally, Brenda arrived, not able to identify Dave by appearance, she approached his bed and checked the name on his bed and his dog tag, then, she bent down and kissed him.... on the face. "I want you to know that I love you, welcome home Davey". They began to experience love in a way he never imagined when he said "I do" on their wedding day. God was faithful to both of them, and now 35 years later, Brenda and Dave share an amazing love with 2 kids and many grandchildren, the enduring fruit of their faithful marriage. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven, strengthened in war, and forever etched in the faithful vows of a love that burns deeper than any grenade and speaks louder than any scars.