summer reading

code orange by Caroline B. Cooney

Character Analysis

In the book Code Orange by Caroline B. Cooney Mitty Blake is a care free peron. For example "The one you've been working on for four weeks. Mitty haven't even chosen a topic yet " (p.1).Another example is " Mitty had done zero percent anywhere, but he had certainly planned - insofar as Mitty had plans, which he didn't - to due his research online" (p.2).through the curse of the book Mitty comes across smallpox scabs and actually breathes them in touches it then touched hi eyes, nose and lips. He decides that this should be his topic In science. While dong more research he becomes paranoid and thinks he has smallpox he wants to get rid of the scabs by ofering them online. Since he put them online he alerts bioterrorist which he gets kidnaped by. While suffering the symptoms of getting hit in the head by the kidnappers he becomes even more paranoid that he has smallpox because he has similar symptoms. For example " Nearly all smallpox victims experienced nausea " (p.146). Another example is " Ninety percent of patients had severe headache" (p.140). Mitty had nothing really to worry about because these are also symptoms of a concussion which he may have since he got hit in the head to fall unconscious.

theme and charactrization

The theme for this story is that people can be smarter then they seem. For example Mitty was not the sharpest tool in the shed at school but his street smart sills where off the charts so good he could overcome the abuse and out do the bioterrorist. " Mitty didn't deserve to be in anything advanced" (p.5). "They hauled him down the stairs by the feet" (p.181). Miitty is a very round character. For example we see a bold side of him at first then we see a secretive side then we see a depressed side after that we see a drive to live.



This book is a great book to read because it has everything in it that every reader loves. For example if you love action this book has tons of it during the kidnaping part. There's romance between Mitty and his crush/girlfriend Olivia. This book also ha suspense when Mitty doesn't know if he has smallpox or not. This book also gives off a cant stop reading it feel because at the end of each chapter theirs a big cliff hanger so you must go on reading. I really think that if you read this book you will love it.