How Do I Become A Teacher?

Emelie Aguillon

Need To Know

Salary Range

Teachers make anywhere between 33,544 to 74,153 a year the median is about 55,605

Education Level Needed

To become a high school teacher you need your bachelors degree Texas institutions don't offer a degree in education every teacher must select an academic major of interest and complete educator preparation courses.

Certification Or Testing Requirements

To become a teacher in Texas you have to have taken the Pre Admission content test (pact) the requirements may change depending on the state you live in you have to complete an educator Preparation Program you must take a certification exam for the grade level and course you want to teach and you must do a state application

Length Of Time To Complete Requirements

To get your bachelors degree you are in school for 4 years and the time that it takes you to do the requirements

My Carrer Is Available In What Fields

you can teach at a private school a public school