Registered Nurse

Amanda Daniel

Daily Activities

Registered nurses care for patients who are ill or injured.
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Working conditions

Have a high level of social contact. They work closely with patients. Are exposed to diseases or infections on a daily basis. Always wear masks or rubber gloves to protect themselves and their patients from disease. Must be very exact in their work. Errors could seriously endanger the health and safety of patients. Generally have a set schedule each week.

Yearly wages

$56,670 per year

Preparation and / or training

Have a high school diploma or equivalent, graduate from a nursing program, complete supervised clinical work experience, have a license
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5 important skills and abilities

Maintain accurate reports and records. Observe patients. Monitor vital signs using computerized equipment. Record patients' medical information, vital signs, and progress. Write and manage care plans for patients.

Recommended core classes and electives

Some of the core classes are ELA, SS, Math, Science. Some of the electives are Health Education introduction to Health Care
NICU Nursing