Extracurricular Activity

Jaylen davis

Extracurricular Activity Involvement affect college acceptance (Peterson staff)

You don't have to be an athlete to prove your talents. college Admissions team only care if you can demonstrate a admission committee ,such as initiative, commitment and leadership. Admission officers see debate wars or rock climbing activities more clearly. Admission professionals likely are going to take into consideration due to extracurricular activities, because you don't have to have a big list of stellar accomplishments.

Quotes from the article

"You don't have to be a athlete to prove your talents".

"Putting together a proper presentation can help admission officer see those debate" awards or rock climbing activities more clearly.

"There are many ways to showcase your talents and achievments".

My personal response to this regarding to my education is being in social cubs could really give better admission to a college that your trying to attend and it would impress lots of college admissions.
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