The AMAZING Paperclip!!!

Very Useful!

History of the Paperclip

The history of the paperclip is absolutely amazing. It has had 62 different forms and has been used in many cultures and dates way back, even using different types of materials to build it. It was officially invented on November 9, 1899.


William D. Middlebrook invented the paper clip and was pretty smart for doing so, too. This invention will and has revolutionize our world and is the future. It has constantly been updated, and still will be to keep on working to make the wonderful paper clip absolutely perfect!


The paper clip was officially patented on November 9, 1899. A long time ago, huh. Yeah well, it is so useful that they needed it that long ago even when people didn't do much with paper and organizing things.


This was made by William D. Middlebrook in Waterbury, Connecticut. This is a good place for a paperclip, because this is up North where there were a lot of forests which mean wood which means paper, and paper clips were made best for organizing and clipping together paper. Up North was also a lot of factories, and i'm sure they made a lot of paper in those factories.

Why Important

This invention is extremely important! It has helped us for 117 years to organize our work, research, and important papers. This can be important to anyone, even the President, because we know how much paper work he does. They are also extremely easy to transport! They are very little, so you can just put them in your pocket, then use them whenever you need them.


So lets just talk about how great the paper clip really is. The paper clip we most commonly used today is known as the "Gem Paper Clip". And remember there are also 61 other forms of it. They have very strange forms, some even being a triangle. Some of them even look like a painting, they are so detailed. I guess you can call it a work of art. So if you are one of the people that look at the paperclip as just another useless invention, you probably really need to open your eyes. This is an amazing invention that needs to be recognized more. So tell Office Max and Staples and all those materials stores to start heavily advertising this product, and preferred as their best selling item.
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