Yuan Dynasty

Largest Empire in the World

Yuan Dynasty Emperors

Within 89 years there were 11 Emperors during the Khan dynasty. We have written here their given names and Khan names.

  • Borjigin Kublai, Kublai Khan, 1260-1294

  • Borjigin Temur, Temur Oljeytu Khan, 1294-1307

  • Borjigin Qayshan, Qayshan Guluk, 1308-1311

  • Borjigin Ayurparibhadra, Ayurparibhadra, 1311-1320

  • Borjigin Suddhipala, Suddhipala Gege'en, 1321-1323

  • Borjigin Yesun-Temur, Yesun-Temur, 1323-1328

  • Borjigin Arigaba, Arigaba, 1328

  • Borjigin Toq-Temur, Jijaghatu Toq-Temur, 1328-1329 and 1329-1332

  • Borjigin Qoshila, Qoshila Qutuqtu, 1329

  • Borjigin Irinchibal, Irinchibal, 1332

  • Borjigin Toghan-Temur, Toghan-Temur, 1333-1370

What Was Yuan Known For?

The Yuan dynasty was popular for its paper money and water transport. Paper money was easier to carry around than the coins which were made out of gold, silver, copper or iron.

Famous Emperors


Kublai Khan of the Mongol Empire

Kublai ruled from 1260 AD to 1294 AD. He conquered Southern China to start the Yuan dynasty. He was famous for expanding the Grand Canal to Beijing. He repaired public granaries, expanded highways and helped simplify the government by making paper currency. He also started AID agencies to help his citizens.