Guided Access - iOS

Keeping Students on Task One Device at a Time

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Are students staying on the assigned app? Are you concerned about what students are viewing?

Guided Access allows you to control what apps are being used in your classroom. You can ensure students are staying on task while using the assigned applications by following just a couple of easy steps.

Planning a lesson using iPads? Worried about monitoring usage?

Teachers... In preparation of your lesson do the following:

- Select (or have the students select) the app that is going to be used

- Press the Home Button 3 times (or have the students press the Home Button 3 times)

- Choose (or have the students choose) "Start" on the Guided Access Screen

and like magic (poof!)...

Students will have to stay on the assigned application.

How to turn on Guided Access

1. Go to settings
2. Choose "General"

3. Choose "Accessibility"

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4. Choose "Guided Access"
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5. Turn Guided Access ON

6. Set Passcode Settings

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7. Click the Home Button 3 times.

8. Choose "Start"

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Guided Access in now ENABLED!

Watch the following video:

How to enable Guided Access in iOS9 to lock iPad to one App

Don't forget you will need to know how to End Guided Access.

1. Press the Home Button 3 times

2. Enter your Passcode

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3. Choose to "End" Guided Access
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Guided Access has now ENDED!

Check out the following link for more ways to use Guided Access: