Gideons v. Wainright


Where did this case take, plaace?

This case took place in Panama city, Florida.

Brief Summary

Clarence Earl Gideon was accused by an eye witness that at 5:30 AM he was accused of stealing some wine and breaking a record player and a cigarette machine. He was taken to court and being to poor to afford a lawyer he asked for a court appointed one. They denied him a lawyer and he did a very poor job of defending himself in court, causing him to be guilty.


He appealed the court and because of amendments XIV and VI he was appointed a lawyer. He was acquitted of all charges.

Where do we see this case today?

We see this case in many scenarios today. Ever day there are people who cant afford lawyers who need them. Because of this case en steeling the rule that you must have correct representation in court nobody goes unrepresented.