The amazing sport of football

By:Wes Ewing

Father of Football

Football is currently the most popular sport in the U.S. Football actually started from someone who modified rugby rules. Walter Camp was a great rugby player from Yale who actually modified the rules in the1880's. Football is a mix of soccer and rugby. Walter camp is the person who created American Football.

First Pro

November 12, 1892 marks a very important date the date marks the beginning of the NFL. William Heffelfinger was given 500 $ to play in a game. William Heffelfinger was the first professional football player. He is the reason NfL players are paid today.

football Culture

NFL is the symbol of American virtue and vice and a holiday spectacle. For collegiate football they Have New Years for playoff games and bowl games. The holiday for the NFL is thanksgiving. Both these holidays help football become more popular because it creates a tradition and these holiday games have been around since the 1900's. The games support commercialism and promote products without you even realizing it. Football also allows students to earn a free education just by their athletic ability.

Formation of the NCAA

For about a decade after Walter Camp formed the true game of american football. 180 People got injured and 18 were actually killed. The sport began to be banned at colleges. In order to keep the sport around Theodore Roosevelt formed a committee known as the NCAA. At this meeting various rules were formed to insure safety for the players.

The NFL gives back

In 1973 people became to come aware that the NFL is growing in popularity. Football surpassed baseball by 60 percent and is still the largest sport in the US. The NFL is giving back the NFL also teamed up with the united way at this date. they have been teamed up for 4 decades now. This partnership is the longest of any sports organization teaming up with a non profit organization. The organization helps the NFL help give back to communities. Since 1973 when the NFL joined United way the NFL raised 370 million dollars to charities and youth football programs. The NFL donates to very well respected charities.

Some of the top football players who brought excitement to football

NFL effects the whitehouse?

NFL has unlimited contributions to society

The Houston Texans football team is the most politically active football team since 2009. Mcnair(Houston's founder) donated 215,000 dollars to political causes mainly to republicans. The team all together donated 293,000 dollars to political causes from players and coaches. However Houston isn't the only team who gives back to politics. Some other top teams who give back to politics are the Chargers, Jets, Cardinals, And Dolphins.