by: flonika louallen

Chef Introduction

There was a chef, that cooked a lot of things

While she cooks she also sings

She was very dedicated to her job

No one has ever seen her sob

Everyone loved her cooking

But to get her service you had to make a booking

Cooking was a part of her life

When she cooked she always used her special knife

She could cook any and everything

And she didn't even how to use Bing

She was very interesting and smart

she likes everything except a pop tart

She woke up early every day

Just so she could start and be on her way

She catered and cooked for everybody

She loved to make a chocolate cake

she also loved to bake

Her job was her life

but she was also a good wife

She could cook in her sleep

But she always heard a beep

That every morning would wake her up

She had come coffee filled in a cup

That would start her on her day

She knew that there was no other way

She could cook any type of food

As long as she was in the mood

Which was her cooking mood that kept her busy

Sometimes she always got dizzy

But she never actually passed out

Everyone knew what she was about

My character is a chef. I chose this character because it seemed very interesting and I like to cook. Chefs are very important people and we wouldn't be able to eat without them. A chef could be anyone as long as their experienced and they know what they are doing. If you can cook and it is good technically, you are considered a chef. I didn't choose this because I want to be a chef but because i think that they are amazing. Everyone loves to eat and they enjoy the food that they are eating or have to eat. Chef’s need way more credit than people try to give them, without chef’s noone would survive unless you were are a vegetarian. But vegetarians also still need to know that someone has to prepare their food for them also, just because it's just vegetables doesn't mean that someone doesn't have to make that for you. Someone also has to prepare your salads for you, not saying that vegetarians only eat salad but they eat most of the things that make up a salad. No matter where you go there is a chef somewhere that has to prepare and or cook your food. There are different types of chefs, a chef doesn't necessarily mean someone that is someone that's older or works in a restaurant. A chef could be anyone that knows how to cook for and knows that other people enjoy their cooking. A chef can range from any age, as long as from when you started cooking, If you started cooking at 10 years old and you still know how to cook then you are a chef. A chef could just be a wife at home cooking for her children and her husband. Some chefs are being taken for granted but they shouldn't be because you have to understand they go through a lot, half of the stuff that they go through you want even imagine that they go through that stuff. They already have so much stress on them because they are a chef and they have to make sure the food that they are preparing is to the top standards. Chefs are an important part of this society and everyone needs them. Food is an important part of your life and you need food to survive , but most people don't think that you don't need food to survive but you do. Food is really good and delicious. I like all kinds of food and I'm pretty sure there isn't one person in this world that can say that they don't like food. The chefs that prepare the food actually like food too I think that's why they prepare the food and decide to become chefs. People like different kinds of food and different styles of food, it doesn't matter who you are food is food and it's a part of everyone. I also chose this character because chefs are amazing people and I love their outfits they wear when they are cooking food.

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