Ecstacy Facts

What is ecstasy and how is it used?

Ecstasy is a pill that is a drug. Ecstacy usually has a picture on the top of the pill. Ecstasy is almost always swallowed but can be snorted. Ecstasy in some instances, can be taken in a liquid form.

Facts and effects for ecstasy.

Ecstacy is sometimes mixed with rat poison. Was originally made by Merck Pharmical Company in 1912. It Wasn't used as a party drug until 1970's.ecstacy Was used in 1953 by U.S army physiological warfare test. 92% of ecstacy users turn to bigger drugs such as heroin and many other drugs. Short term affects nausea, severe anxiety, drug cravings,blurred vision,and depression. Long term affects of ecstacy are death,kidney failure,memory loss,psychosis, and convulsions.

Street names for ecstacy

Ecstacy has many names such as: Cadillac ,Scooby snacks, roll, snow ball and many more
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