As the 2016 election comes up, there is a big debate on immigration

Immigration is a really big topic in this election and many people are supporting Republican candidate Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump says that he will build a wall so no immigrants can cross into this country and he also says that the Mexican's are taking our jobs. Many agree that they are the reason our economy is falling. Many Americans don't have a job and blame immigrants for it.

Thoughts on immigration

Main topic

This is a really controversial topic in this year's election. Immigration... many immigrants are being blamed for the loss of jobs for Americans. Here take a look at the presidential views and the Congress seeks to do.

Donald Trump's view

As I did research I found some interesting data. What was said is "He plans to build a wall along the southern border. He says laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system may be enforced. He also says any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages, and security for all Americans. " But do we think he can really enforce all of this and make America "Great again"?

Republicans in Congress plan

"The house of Republicans have proposed legislation that would give the department of Homeland Security two years to gain operational control of the high traffic areas along the southern border."

Hillary Clinton's plan

Hillary says immigration is a problem that she is looking to tackle within her first 100 days in the Oval office. She doesn't think the same way that Republican candidate Donald J. Trump does. She in fact called him out as a racist.

My view on all of this controversy

I agree with the Democrats in congress. I feel like we should reward the hardest working immigrants in our country but I also feel like we should secure our border. We can also give the hardest workers better jobs and create more jobs for the non working class. I feel like more jobs will create a better country for us and boost the economy.
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