Australia and Japan

Vivian T


Japan and Australia have been trade partners for many years although they enemies during World War 2. In 1976, Australia and Japan signed a peace treaty for friendship and cooperation. This allows the two countries to trade for the benefit of both. Over the past few years the relationship has grown to tourism, education and defense.

Economic Relations

Australia and Japan have been trade partners for a long time. Japan's booming economy relies on Australia's exports. Japan is an small island country so it lacks many resources such as iron Oreo and coal. To make up for this lack they must import these items and more from Australia. Japan also imports agriculture and fishery products such as beef, wheat and tuna.

Even though Japan is very reliant on Australia's imports, Japan is only ranked third, after China and America. Products imported from Japan include cars, machinery, electrical goods any manufactured products.


Tourism is a major part of the connection between Japan and Australia. Australian companies have already built resorts and the like in popular areas. Also, more than 700 000 Japanese visit Australia per year and over 200 000 Australian have gone to Japan on trips.


Each year over 380 000 Australian students learn the Japanese language and approximately 10 000 Japanese students come to Australia in order to study in the Australian educational institute. Also every year 200 Australian travel to Japan to teach English at senior and junior high schools.