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April 2020

OC Artist of the Year Semi-Finalist - Vanessa Ho

"One of our Fine Arts students has made an amazing accomplishment this past month! Out of the 128 applicants for the Handcrafted category of OC Artist of the Year, Vanessa Ho has been chosen as one of 12 Semi-Finalist! At the beginning of May, there will be an additional round of finalists to see who will be deemed the OC Artist of the Year.

Vanessa has been dedicated to her artwork for many years, creating beautiful pieces in and out of the classroom that go beyond her technical skills. Vanessa's portfolio exhibits her strength in photorealism, which is the creation of "life-like" drawings and paintings that pop off the page. Vanessa has an eye for the details and always puts in 110% effort. If you have a chance, please feel free to view her online portfolio. And yes, everything was hand drawn or hand painted, even if it appears to look like a photograph!"

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