Leaderboard Walkthrough

1. Establish the point structure:

I chose to keep it simple with small, medium, and large opportunities worth 5-10-20 points respectively (expertly nicknamed tall, grande, and venti).

2. Create a way to collect points

I created a google form that automatically collects email as username (therefore no risk of typos distorting data), selected point value from a drop-down menu, and a place for a brief explanation or link to "proof". If you do not have the luxury of a company/group email, you can create another drop down menu that you populate with the participants' name/avatar or a short text option. If you choose the short text option, beware that typos and case-sensitive errors may happen.
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3. Modify your google response sheet to tally up points effectively

I inserted 4 columns (one for each point value option and one for a total) and embedded formulas to translate text to points and collect totals.

Point value formula: =if(C85="Grande - 10 points", 10, 0)

Total formula: =sum(D85:F85)

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4. Make sure that your values self-perpetuate

You don't want to have to keep editing your spreadsheet and manually entering formulas. Save time by selecting the text of the formula in cell text editor and pressing ctrl+shift+enter to turn your normal formula into an infinite array formula.

5. Clean up your data

Using the form responses, create a pivot table to collect and present the total points and username.
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6. Turn that into an Interactive Chart

(This video has helpful info around 4:25) ...and modify/beautify as needed. I removed headings and labels to streamline the look. (My example is in the image above.)

7. Embed the chart and your point structure into a website of your choice.

I used wix.com - check out my site here: http://ccorser3.wix.com/bvpblended