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It's [Media] Lit!

The definition of the word “media” is complex; it can be on the internet, phone or on the television, but the similar concept media attains is that it’s open for the whole world to spectate, retaliate, and as well as contribute to one’s perspective. The media best creation in the world, yet at the same time it’s one of the worst things ever to be produced. Media is favorable by many due to the reasons that education and knowledge are only a couple clicks away, it acts as a source of income of various users, and it allows folks to spread awareness or warnings to the public to witness. The infamous parts about media are that it can cause rebellions, also it can expose the innocent as in child pornography and is a space for illegal actions of the black market. Now, I perceive that media literacy is pretty much the dissection of media posts, whether it be an article or a videos on the news stations like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and PBS. Media literacy is mostly based on the perspective of the person presenting. Some media literacy outlets only focus on positives and some only strive for giving criticisms. The term media is so broad that it branches out to all sorts of categories. The most commonly known branch is Social media. Some examples of famous social Medias are YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and etc. All these applications are used to portray content for the free public to watch hence why they are all known as sources of media.

Social Justice Unit Reflection

Social justice is defined as the fair and just relation between the individual and society. It promotes tolerance, freedom, and equality for all people regardless of race, sex, orientation, national origin, handicap, etc. We live in an era where radical arrogant folks like Donald Trump solemnly swear to “make America great again”, when in actuality he’s making the population discriminate again; recreating the main cause that led to issues in history like the holocaust, Hate. Also, in this time and place, being slightly different like having different colored hair, wearing a certain type of clothing, having a beard, etc. is enough of a reason to demean a human being of their status and claim they are inflicting damage on others. The main victims this era has targeted are the obese. It can be a personal choice, but many are suffering because of the economic position they are in. Take the people in the lower class as an example. They don’t have much money and they are on food stamps because the emolument earned goes towards bills. Organic and healthy foods are extremely costly, nearly draining the back account of those of the lower class if they had the ability to purchase the edibles from places like “Farmers Market”. It’s cheaper to eat at fast food joints like McDonalds because of the inexpensive options you can choose to devour. You can feed a family of four at McDonalds for ten bucks, but at “Whole Foods” one can only purchase enough delectable to fill up just one person. Obesity is at an all-time high; about 1 in 3 adults are obese due to the gluttonous lifestyle. This physical characteristic has raised a bias and stigmas, lowing the chance of being hired, by the employers in the workforce. They see obese folks as lazy, less competent, lacking in self-discipline, disagreeable, less conscientious, and are portrayed as poor role models; hindering them equal pay from others. The world is a capitalistic place; ten years from now, media will still be putting out and encouraging things even if it hurts the consumers in the long run, but as long as they get money, they’ll publish and enable any sort of fad, habit, etc.

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SuperBowl 2016 #Puppymonkeybaby

The commercial, "Puppymonkeybaby" (2016), portrays that the new Kickstart grape flavor by Mountain Dew is a cherished energy drink, composed of "Dew, Juice, and Caffeine" and they compared it to three things the people love the most: "Puppy (puppies), monkey (monkeys), [and] baby (babies)". Kickstart is indirectly claiming that the new flavor is so amazing it'll lighten up anyone's mood; first, an actor on the couch was lazy and felt drowsy with no will power to do anything, "man, I might just chill tonight.", then a mixed creature walks in handing them the energy drink and the three men on the couch walk out of the apartment, sipping on their drinks, dancing to the catchy background music pumped with power. The director created the humorist commercial in this very specific way with the dancing creature that constantly repeats the phrase "puppymonkeybaby" because it catches the viewer off guard and intends for them pay closer attention to the advertisement due to the unorthodox actions making it something you can't forget in order to create more attention and obtain the spotlight to revenue a high sales and profits. The Mountain Dew commercial clearly intends the audience to be those that consume caffeinated beverages to enhance their working and focus endurance and characterizes the relationship with the audience by creating a hilarious advertisement with a hybrid organism and tacky beats to promote the new product with "three awesome things combined".


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win," – Mahatma Gandhi

Donald Trump said these exact words with intention to evoke and up bring the crowd with perseverance on the social media outlet called Instagram. It was stated on February 28th at a rally in Alabama in spite of Super Tuesday peeking around the corner. The one fact that you should be aware of is that there is no relevant proof of Gandhi ever projecting that quote, ergo did Gandhi even say it? Therefore, I perceive that Trump just pulls out jumbles of words that sound inspiring and claim some social reformer said it; attempt to seen in the same light as a revolutionary. This just further enhances the reasons why I think of Trump as a phony.

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Marco RubiNO

“…surface temperatures (on) the earth have stabilized." – Marco Rubio

Marco stated that the Earth is always changing but the temperature of the planet has stabilized and won’t bother to rescue it from global warming because there is a “pause” in the atmosphere. This featured on the FOX News station interview on May 20, 2014, conducted by Bill O’Reilly. This brought up multiple questions: Where are these stats coming from, is the source viable, did you even consider the ocean? The key note you should know is that water temperature has been raising for the past years. I perceive that even though there might be a “pause” occurring, this might be the spark of detrimental disaster. I think of this moment as the calm eye of a hurricane, ergo the suffering/disaster is half way over.

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Hillary Clinton

“Something is just fundamentally broken when African-Americans are more likely to be arrested by police and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing the same thing that whites do.”

Hillary Clinton claims that there is systematic racism in the country and uses the approach on the South Carolina Democratic primary to influence the black voters to her side. She exposed the obstacle by projecting a 30 second commercial on the television. I questioned where her source originated from and she informed her facts were pointed out on “The Washington Post”, which is a valid and viable source. There weren’t any other curiosities brought up for this situation considering all ends for this issue were answered. I believe that racism won’t really ever stop because everyone has a mental bias and consensus ingrained and acts as a reflex. There is no real antidote, but what Hillary and Bernie are proposing is to birth a new, pure, truthful system than a marred one.

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Are We Proles?

This passage represents the circle of life for a member of the lower part of today’s society. Being born into a life with nothing, then having to work hard physically just to create something just to maintain in the loop of the lower society. Since they have made a life from the ashes they perceive they don’t need anything else in life and remain in a zone of thought where their life is set. The folks are pretty much hindering themselves from achieving greater. All ambitions are all thrown out the window and that soon enables the next generation into the same lifestyle in the same manner, a chronic cycle.

Their minds are cluttered with distractions as well, therefore they aren’t receptive to the events going around them.They’re in their own fantasy world not tending to any of the real issues; I see why folks repeat the quote “ignorance is bliss”. Football games, beer, sex, etc are all activities that put you into another mind set. It gets you thinking of other things than a person’s current life situation, work, children,etc. The government gave the proles so much freedom because they knew the distractions will refrain the members from pondering about what they were really up to. Also, due to the presence of all the pleasurements a.k.a. sex, beer, etc the members won’t even think twice about starting a rebellion. Why fight if you were granted permission of all activities and given total freedom?

Sometimes, I perceive that the government see the members of the United States of America as a horde of mindless zombies that just soak up all the things they throw at us. They control us by telling us what they want us to believe, twisting the truth at times for various reasons like propaganda. Today’s society and the society in 1984 aren’t different, but rather extremely similar. Both societies are given tainted information by the government that evokes an emotion that burgeons into hate for something. I sense that it’s both the government’s and the society's fault. The government shouldn’t be abusing their powers in the first place to influence its people. Society must be educated enough to produce their own thoughts, ideas, etc and not be pushed to think with a bias.

Sports, TV, music, commercials, and movies are also all culprits of mending the mind of today's society. From what actors and celebrities wear to the props laid out in the scene for “show” is all caught by the eye of the viewers and is highly influencing to the society. We live in a society where Nike is the most famous shoe brand and society perceives that those who don’t own a pair of Nike’s must be treated differently. This goes for other objects such as cars, clothes, home, etc and because of society’s bias issues like bullying are created. Therefore media, in general, plays a huge role in corrupting the minds of today’s society since there is no escape from them because they revolve around us 24/7.

Article link of Media that influences society's outlook: "The Barbie Effect"


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The Haitian Revolution

Revolutions take place, when tyranny occurs within the government of a country. The oppressed choose to take a stand and fight against the tainted reign of rule, which puts the country into a civil war, but for there to be peace, folks must prepare for war with the perception of change. It can’t merely take place in a matter of days; it takes countless years and if the revolution fails, the oppression continues on for decades until another wave of passionate soldiers decide to take on the government again. The Haitian Revolution initially began on August 14th, 1971 and the Slaves of Saint Domingue(Haiti) went into a killing frenzy and “within weeks, the number of slaves who joined the revolt reached approximately 100,000. Within the next two months, as the violence escalated, the slaves killed 4,000 whites and burned or destroyed 180 sugar plantations and hundreds of coffee and indigo plantations” (“Top 10 Revolutions,” 2010). Two points came into my mind; the first, when it’s the uneducated that are fighting, they tend to take a substantial number of lives than those who are educated. The second point is that when in a crowd, people will tend to do unpragmatic things like I’d take the plantation and flip it for profits than burn down all the hard work. The revolution was lead by Dutty Boukman, who was educated, a priest, and a leader of the maroon slaves. They couldn’t cope with the abuse because of the color of their skin so made the option to revolt. “By 1792, the slaves controlled a third of the island” (“Top 10 Revolutions,” 2010); the tentative rebels were timid at first for joining the rebellion, since they knew it was a life or death situation, but with that fact at the time, they would clearly take part of the action because it had an almost definite chance of a breakthrough of liberation and freedom. The word “rebel” is given a negative connotation, considering it’s used to correlate to those that don't comply or follow the rules, which is projected to those like criminals and malicious people. In fact, I perceive a rebel is one that goes against the grain in general, which can be corresponding to heroes and those with benevolent minds as well, therefore the word “rebel” should not be seen as bad folks or criminals nor be given a negative connection. In 1794, “they formally abolished slavery and granted civil and political rights to all black men in the colonies” (“Top 10 Revolutions,” 2010). You can see that it doesn’t take several days to make a change, but it rather years, in this case, three years and successful revolutions don’t go unrewarded.

Revolutions are apparent in all of history due to the fact that it has made the world into the condition it is in today. The U.S. had its revolution, also known as the French Revolution, to become its separate ruling function that exists today. War is Peace.

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Media Literacy Course Reflection

My view has morphed dramatically from this Media Literacy course. I used to be just a mere student with a statement, but now I’ve become a citizen of this society with valid arguments. The protocol for coming up with an arguable standpoint is to simply eject viable facts from all types of sources like quotes, examples through history, and etc. In my mind, education is the key to conducting higher, more elaborative thoughts and ideas. If you really think ponder on it, without education, one would be splurging unaccepting and irrational statements like those of a two year old. I cannot even fathom how much I have derived from this class. I learned to not perceive things at face value. Meaning, when something like news with bold twisted statements are in my face, I must search for the real truth behind it and at least attempt to understand the motives from each perspective. My goal now, is to be a bit more skeptical than gullible. Another lesson leached from this class, is to keep an “open eye” on everything, to be susceptive about the issues in the world around you. I loved this class! It completely differs from all of the other language arts classes I have managed to surpass. The teacher is for a fact the best part about the class. She encourages her students to have a voice and expand their thought process by challenging them to experience aspects from a different views. Also, the fact that she talks to her students on a direct “one on one” level, being able to be rational and understanding makes her admirable and every other teacher should mimic and honor. I think there should have been more Socratic seminars in this class. It puts with the students’ cognitive process through a crucible, making them think more critically to defend their position.

The Technologic Plauge

Technology has been taking over our world; from social media to online assignments. There are even facts stating that due to all of this, our brains are shrinking. Folks abuse the living crap out of media and it has been messing with their personal toll. There are those that determine their self-value by how many likes they get on Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter. It’s insane to acknowledge the fact that there are humans that have suffered depression and contemplate suicide because of social media. It was initially produced just for education, which is hands down an amazing motive, but now has turned into a mere distraction. I have been choosing to use my technology just to speak the truth about misconceptions and my thirst to increase my cognitive capabilities. The problems evident, due to social media, are astonishing. Social media has the ability to disconnect social connection between people. It causes shyness and speaking phobias between its citizens. The screen gives those the audacity to say things they would not say in person, which is an issue due to the fact it’s a gateway to online bullying. I can do the simplest step to avoid this, just go and physically talk to people! Technology is a huge epidemic taking over the world. The devices has countless games and applications to keep one occupied for countless hours. I will admit that I am a victim of this as well; there once was a time, I binge watched YouTube videos for 8 hours. Once I started watching one video, I just was completely vulnerable to clicking on more and more. There is no stopping this addiction. YouTube will continue to make modifications to their websites so the viewer’s continue to come back to the site. The only thing to do about this situation is to limit yourself and have self-control on how much time you spend on your devices.