Kingdoms of Africa.

Blessing C. Emefiele

The kingdom of Ghana

Location: Located in the upper Niger River valley between the shahada and the tropical forests along the West african coast.

Government: They have a republic type of government.

Economy: Ghana prospered because of the abundant supply of iron ore and cold. They traded their gold for other products such as textiles, horses, salt and metal goods.

Collapse: It flourished for several hundred years but soon collapsed due to wars during the 1100s

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The kingdom of Mali.

Location: Mali was located on the Atlantic Coast, but it extends far inland to the famous city of TImbuktu.

Government: Mali is a republic type of government.

Economy: Mali prospered due to the gold and salt trade. Most of the people were farmers. They grew grains such as millet and rice. They developed the agricultural resources across the Nile river.

Collapse: The Civil War had divided Mali by 1359.

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The kingdom of Songhai.

Location: I was located along the Niger River, south of the bend.

Government: They had a. Republican form of government.

Economy: it prospered because of the Muslim trade routes that linked Arabia, North Africa and West Africa.

Collapse: after the reign of Muhammed Ture, Songhai began to decline and near the end of the 16th century, the forces of the sultan or Morocco occupied much of Songhai.

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