What are Biomedical Engineers?

What do Biomedical engineers do?

What do Biomedical engineers do?

Biomedical Engineers design solutions to problems in Biology and medicine.

What is there salery?

The Biomedical Engineer get an average of $86,960 yearly, which is $41.89 per hour.
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How to become one?

In order to become a Biomedical Engineer you must take science courses in High school then get a Bachelors degree(4 years of College). In College make sure your major is Medical related, you can also become a Biomedical Engineer, if you are a Engineer in a diffrent field.

Work Enviroment as a Biomedical Engineer

The enviroment as a Biomedical Engineer is working with a group of scientists and healthcare workers in a lab to find a solution to a problem.

What are some job duties for a Biomedical Engineer?

A Biomedical Engineer designs systems or devices that replace body parts. They also work with medical scientists, chemists and other scientist. Evaluating the safety of the biomedical materials they use is a big duty.

What is the job outlook for this Career?

The job outlook as a Biomedical Engineer is supposed to increased 27% from 2014 to 2020.