Tech Tips Tuesday

Getting Started

What are Tech Tip Tuesdays?

Every week I will send out suggestions of stuff I have stumbled upon that I think that you might find interesting. When things settle down a bit I will send out a survey if there are particular items you'd like me to look into.

I sent out a whole set of these last year. I will probably will reuse some of the stuff and make it "new" again. I've attached the link below if you can't wait and want to check them out. Please ignore typing errors...there will be some.

Have the Kids Take Attendance for You!

Please consider watching this video on how you can create a Smartboard Document to help you with attendance. If you have if you have Infinite Campus seating charts set up, this is a super easy solution that the kids can take attendance for you, then all you have to do is plug it in while they are working on Bell Ringers/Focus Lessons/Warm Ups

Stay on Track! Don't let the bell surprise you!

Do you have a Fitbit? Maybe you are considering getting once since so many of your co-workers have one? Well if you have one or do get one, please considering alarms to help keep track of time. I set my watch to go off 7 minutes before the bell. The physical reminder of my arm shaking lets me know it's time to get packed up. There is also a repeat button which will help you out. I can also assist with this if you'd like.

Don't let your computer go to sleep!

Some people's computers may not let you download extensions so I apologize if you can't download this awesome extension.

Tired of going back to your computer to unlock your screen? Heaven forbid you display a picture on the screen while you walk around and help kiddos right? Well this extension will prevent your computer from going to that dreaded blue screen. You must have Chrome open and it set on the right mode, but then you can teach all day and don't have to worry about your computer going to sleep.