By Jessica

A little girl was eating her lunch then two seagulls came and took her lunch. They said I will tell you a tale. It was even before the Cadigal arrived, all of the aboriginals let the soldiers down, they needed them. So they kidnapped poor Bennelong and made a house on the point.

The conductor Eugune Goosens conducting in Sydney. He was conducting the Sydney orchestra Eugune went to tell the premier we need a new hall to do music and dances.

They made a competition for who had the best desgin the and the person who won was Jorn Utzon. He drew his design on a beach ball.

When they started to build the Sydney Opera House he never came back to see the Sydney Opera House finished. He went back on an aeroplane then never came back to see it.

The Queen came to open the sydney opera house it was Queen Elizabeth the II. When it was opened a girl came to play the violin.