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Global projects for K-12 schools starting in February 2020!

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What is your 2020 vision??

Happy New Year everyone!

Can you believe it is now the year 2020? Many years ago we used to talk about our 2020 vision for education....and now here it is!

But wait.....have we achieved that vision yet? What is YOUR vision?

In 2008 I wrote this blog post 'My 2020 Vision for Global Collaboration', and looking back now things like the lack of sustainable tools that leave a digital legacy (e.g. the loss of Wikispaces in the past 2 years meant the disappearance of much online global collaborative work that could have been used for further research), and the ongoing 'locking' of tools that allow cross-border connections in schools still resonate. Digital citizenship as a concept and practice has evolved and expanded with schools looking at broader practices and implications for lifelong and life wide learning. What continues to be neglected, from my perspective and according to my research, is a school-wide approach to embedding online global collaboration into the curriculum.

In 2008 I stated: "I have a strong belief in the power of online connectivity and global collaboration (in all of it's many forms) at the school level to make a difference to the world we live in through fostering better understanding and cultural awareness. These are not just words. I have seen this happen through the projects I have run with my own classes."

In 2020 my vision now is to work with educators, education organisations and institutions K-12 and higher education to foster deeper understanding of online global collaborative learning - practices, beliefs and pedagogy. I do hope you will join me!

Dr Julie Lindsay

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Global Projects starting February 2020

Read details below and click on the button above to apply now!

Flat Connections global projects start up again soon and we are looking forward to another great semester of student and teacher collaboration.

For the February-May 2020 semester we are now offering THREE online global projects.

  • Windows to the World (Grade 3-6) - website
  • Friends for Sustainability (Grade 5-8) - website
  • Global Youth Debates (Grade 5-12) - website


  • February - Project registration deadline is this month - but apply early to join getting started activities!
  • Before March 1 - Teacher online meeting and Project preparation for collaboration - Digital handshakes and introductions
  • March - May - Global collaboration
  • May - Project closing and farewell

Schools and educators planning to join us note we have allocated time for:

  • Teacher PD on tools and processes used for collaboration.
  • Class introductions
  • Settling into the project

Are you joining us? We need to know very soon so we can put together the global collaborative learning groups.

READ MORE on the Flat Connections website.


Students from Global Youth Debates connect to discuss climate change and global collaboration

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Global Collaboration is timeless and ageless.....Last semester students from the USA, India and Africa debated the topic "Children should have the power to affect global climate change".

In January 2020 two classrooms came together online to discuss their experiences during the debates and to further extend understanding around global collaborative learning. This experience was

  • 'timeless' as two schools aligned their schedules to meet online in real time
  • 'ageless' as students from Grade 8 in one school met with Grade 11 in another

Flat Connections global collaborative learning 'flattens' the learning experience to allow students to embrace broader perspectives and immerse in real world experiences to share ideas and solve problems.

Project Manager Amy Jambor shared some of the highlights of what students discussed:

  • Students all agreed that climate change is a grave concern for their generation. While the younger students feel a bit powerless to make a monumental change, the high school students shared their experiences of joining community marches and demonstrations in addition to forming and participating in clubs at school.
  • Students took the time to share what they do individually and as communities to combat climate change. Students shared recycling programs, greenhouses where food is grown, the use of aluminum bottles at lunch that can be refilled, etc.
  • While students shared some frustrations with language barriers and varying time zones with global collaboration they also realized the need for understanding, flexibility, and questions for clarification. Clear and consistent communication is key. Students also affirmed the power of global collaboration in understanding the magnitude of climate change and the value of multiple global perspectives.

It was a wonderful experience! The feedback from my students was really positive. They would like to see more face-to-face and conference calls for sure! They seem to really value the experience.

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