Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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First, you must:

Read chapter 4 & 5 together as a group, popcorn style.

Next, you can choose 1 of these three activities.

1. At the end of chapter 5, Mr. Hatcher comes home and has missed the birthday party. Make a recording of yourself explaining what happened. Your video must be two minutes long and you must use note cards.

2. Fudge's birthday party was not very successful. Write a complete paragraph about a birthday party that you attended that did not go well. List three similarities and three differences.

3. Peter thinks Fudge is nothing but trouble. When he spends time with Fudge's friends he notices they are a bit of trouble too. Write three complete sentences explaining what Peter thinks of three-year-old.

Finally, you must choose two of these questions/activities to do.

1. Fudge wishes he was a bird. Retell in three complete sentences what happens.

2. Plan how you would throw Fudge's birthday party in a different way. Write a complete paragraph.

3. Make a list of of 4 questions you have about this book.

Essential Questions

1. Trouble seems to be something that happens to all of us. What can we do to prevent trouble from happening?

2. What are the main events of a story?

3. How do you visualize and retell the main events?