Vines' Class News

February 19, 2013

One Dark Night

One Dark Night (sequence and using graphic organizers)

Selection Words: pours, lightning, thunder, storm, flashes, pounds, rolling, stray, nudging, brooding

Amazing Words: concern, growth, protection, fragile, pellets, litter, pollute, release

High Frequency Words: certainly, either, great, laugh, second, worst, you’re

Spelling Words: (prefixes) unsafe, preheat, rerun, disappear, unlock, retie, rewind, unpack, unplug, regroup, preschool, disagree, prehistoric, unfortunate, reunion

All field trip money should be turned in now so we can have a check cut and sent to AAA for Seussical on February 22. We will return to school for lunch- the weather is too unpredictable to plan to eat at a park this time of the year. On April 4 when we do our make up fieldtrip for The Stinky Cheese Man maybe we can plan to go to a park and have lunch- again weather considerations have to be made.

March 1 is Read Across America day. We are still planning fun activities to do.

February 22 is the last day to turn in box tops to count on this go around.