Come To Texas

John Nguyen

Lowest Cost of Fine Endless Land!

Land might usually cost $1.25 per acre, but here in Texas would cost only 12.5 cents per acre!

All land can be paid throughout several years not all at once!

Land Policy

  • Paying for all land at once is not required
  • Whether you purchase or not, using the land requires traveling to Texas
  • Colonists may travel on horseback, covered wagons, boats, or on foot
  • Northern and Eastern Texas land would be purchased by acres
  • Settlers may receive either sitios or labor depending on their occupation after settling in Texas
  • Colonists may also obtain land titles by state or the representative government of Mexico

Requirements to Settle in Texas

All settlers need to agree with the following:

  • Agree to become Catholic
  • Follow all laws
  • Become a Mexican citizen

Rules may vary in different colonies :

  • Willing to accept hard times
  • Would be able to provide for themselves in the new colony.
  • Colonists were required to pledge their loyalty to Spain, as shown in the following record of two Texas settlers, Samuel Davenport and William Barr.

Do you dream of starting a new life?

Settle here in Texas and start your new life!

Do you wish to escape from your own problems in the United States?

Go and settle here in Texas! Texas is safer than ever!

Do you seek Adventure?

The vast land here in Texas is more than enough to explore!

Settle in Austin's Colony

Austin's Colony is limited to only 300 families!

Make sure you bring your whole family before any more people can settle here!

Acres of Land!

  • Farmers would receive one labor, or 177 acres
  • Ranchers who raise cattle would receive a sitio, or a square league of 4,428 acres of land

Texas Land

What Land You Will Own if Bought

  • Fertile soil
  • Healthy environment
  • Hardworking community
  • Safe area against Natives
  • Clean rivers
  • Nice thick trees for your log cabin!