Beach Resort

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Coral reef

The Hotel

There is a part of the beach that don't have any coral reef in the shallow water so we can build there. If you stay there you will get free breakfast and you are alowed to just swim right there in front of your water cabin. You can still order room service and you can just have an amazing time. You also get a chance to see the coral reef you only have to sign up and pay $20 and someone will take you deep in the water to show you.
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Seeing the coral reef

If you sign up and pay $20 you can go with a scooba diver instructer to see coral reefs.
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I think that the hotel should be buit here because it will bring tourist closer to the coral reefs and they will realize what is happening to the coral reefs and the will either speak up or they will hide like cowards and not say anything.

The eco-system

  1. The health, abundance and diversity of the organisms that make up a coral reef is directly linked to the surrounding terrestrial and marine environments. Mangrove forests and seagrass beds are two of the most important facets of the greater coral reef ecosystem.