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Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

Book Review Celebration - A Book Fair!

The writers of 1S have been working hard in our opinion writing unit! We began our unit writing about our collections. Next, we moved on to writing our opinion in the form of review writing! We wrote about our favorite movies, video games, and restaurants. Well, we saved the best for last. We concluded our opinion unit writing about BOOKS! We learned how to write a book review! We learned that strong writers include a sneak peek and a rating of their book in addition to writing their opinion and giving reasons. To celebrate all of our hard work during this unit, we had a publishing party! We held a Book Fair!

This week, we held a Book Fair! We created tickets for admission. We set up our classroom so that all of our books and reviews were on display. We invited other classes and teachers to come to our book fair and fill out a wish list! It was fantastic. Our guests were deciding whether they wanted to add our books to their wish list based on our book reviews! We were convincing because everyone left with a full wishlist! We had so much fun sharing our work. It was a perfect ending to a GREAT unit!

Everyday Math - Fact Power

In Unit 6, we spent a lot of time working hard to build fact power. In order to help build number sense, we began our new routine of completing name collection boxes to build numbers in new ways. Not only do we complete name collection boxes in our math journal, we work on name collection boxes by creating different numbers with our materials and manipulatives around the room. We take pictures of the numbers we make and we create picture collages using the app pic collage! We love doing this during Math Tech! It is a huge hit. What a great way to bring an everyday routine to life and make it more fun and engaging!

Please be on the lookout for the red assessment folder early next week. We will begin Unit 7 in math - all about geometry!

Solids and Liquids

In Science, we have started our new unit... solids and liquids. The students will be able to expand their awareness of the properties of solids and liquids. To kick off the fun, we conducted ice races. Each group was given an ice cube. They had to race to see who could melt the ice cube the fastest! It was fun watching them brainstorm ideas! We learned that rubbing the ice cube in our hands melted it the fastest. After the ice race, we started thinking about questions we have about solids and liquids. We recorded these questions so we can go back to them as we move forward in the unit.

Walking Field Trip to HMHS for Earth Day!

Friday, April 22nd, 10am

401 Kings Highway East

Haddonfield, NJ

We will be celebrating Earth Day with a special walking trip to HMHS to participate in their annual Earth Day festivities! Earth Day is a great way to remind children and adults alike the things that we can do everyday to help our environment. Our mission in 1S - for every student to bring a reuseable water bottle to school for their drink! We will bring our snack and enjoy our snack outdoors. Please pack your child's snack in a brown paper bag on Wednesday, April 22nd. I am in need of 2 or 3 chaperones to join us in walking over to the High School! If you are able to join us, please email me!

Featured App - Making Ten Plus

Going forward, we are continuing to focus on building our fact power. We want our students to gain confidence and automaticity with recalling basic math facts. During math workshop, one of our math with self choices is using this app Making 10 Plus. It is a quick, simple, fun way to practice math facts with sums of ten (or higher). The goal is to make 10 as fast and as many times as you can by tapping the tiles that add up to ten! We LOVE this game and we take screen shots of our highest scores!


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Reminders and Dates

* Next week, I will be sending home the red assessment folder. Please review the math assessment, sign the sheet for Unit 6, and RETURN the assessment to school. Thanks for your help!

* Recently, I have sent home two field trip permission slips. Thank you in advance for signing and returning the forms. We are looking forward to our field trips to HMHS for Earth Day and to the Adventure Aquarium.

* Our April Scholastic book order is coming home. It is due April 15th. Thank you so much for your orders and completing them online!

* Please send your child's snack in a bag separate from his or her lunch. Our lunch boxes head down to the cafeteria in the morning and are not kept in our classroom during the day. This makes unpacking much easier! Thanks for your help!

* Guided Reading - thank you for your support in reading at home. Please read the books that come home with your child at night and return them to school the next day. Many times, we use the books the next day for a follow up activity.

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Art

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Library & Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 6 - Health

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