Creating 21st Century Learners

Roberta Heath, November 18, 2013

How do I create 21st Century Learners?

Reading is a window to the world - by encouraging students to read not only books, but research through NC Wise Owl and other sites so that they can understand a variety of text in different formats.

Inquiry learning is key to being a 21st century learner - implemented "Big 6" research model at ECMS. Working to successfully incorporate this research model in all aspects of ECMS student research and inquiry learning. Students must learn to locate information to solve questions.

Ethical behavior when using information and resources is key to thriving in a global world of information. I have taught plagiarism and citation criteria, as well as how to determine reliability of websites on the Internet.

Technology skills are crucial for 21st century learners to meet future employers needs and higher education beyond high school. Many classes have been given instruction in Prezi and Glogster has been purchased for future use. Additionally, students have been helped with basic computing skills of Word, Powerpoint and how to save and locate files on a computer.

The library is an equitable access location at ECMS for all students to have access to books and reading material. Students are able to research and learn in a safe and productive environment. I help many students finalize projects, locate information via the Internet and successfully create a final product for presentation to teachers.

Guidelines reviewed at: "Standards for the 21st-Century Learner", American Association of School Librarians (2007).