Katie Haltom

Oak Grove Middle School

Oak Grove Middle School is a new school in Davidson County that was built to relieve overcrowding in the Ledford Middle and North Davidson Middle districts. Oak Grove Middle School consists of 28% free and reduced lunch with 777 students.

PLC Membership

This PLC consists of our 6th grade Science teachers.

* Katie Haltom

* Melody Deang

*Chris Snyder

**We will that examine the areas of students’ needs in informational texts. We decided this would be beneficial in that, majority of the reading EOG scores are informational passages.

6th Grade Science Team

Needs Assessment and Goal


* 6th grade EOG scores and EVAAS data, it was determined that 28 of our students are considered at risk and are not projected to pass the 2013 EOG scores.

* The PLC determined that different sources of informational text and literacy strategies would be beneficial in raising our reading scores, which would in turn raise our Science Benchmarks and proficient of Common Exams. We used out SIP to determine this.

*Content Literacy will be focused on with our Core subjects, which will improve reading scores.

*Research suggests that when teaching even one comprehension strategy, students will improve comprehension and that teaching multiple strategies can have an even larger impact on reading and other core subjects such as Science and Social Studies.

*Another important aspect of teaching students how to read informational text is making them aware of the differences between informational text and other kinds of text, especially fictional narratives.

*Students who are considered at risk in reading have difficult times in other core subjects like Science and Social Studies.

*The more interventions that are completed increase student achievement and proficiency in Science Benchmarks and Common Exams. This will in turn, help our EOG scores to reach 75%.

Action Plan


Formative Assessments are...

* SAS websites

*Small Group Instruction

* Peer Tutoring

* Thinkfinity

*Science Wiki of Davidson County

Summative Assessments are...

*Collect Benchmark results to use for Re-Teaching

*EOG's and Common Exams (MSL's)

Timeline - October 2013 - When EOG scores are expected to be returned.