Become a Professional Bunburyist

By: Sarina Eckart

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is when someone makes a second identity. With this second identity, someone could go places or do things that they can't as their original identity.

Why would You Want to Bunbury?

Someone would want to Bunbury for a few reasons. Some are:

1: To get away from their life.

2: To have another life.

3: To do something that their original identity can't.

What Do You Need?

To become a professional Bunburyist, you will need to obtain a few items. You will need:

1: Two different places to live (depending on your lifestyles).

2: Different personalities, such as: accents or disguises.

3: Different information for different people, like: phone numbers or addresses.

4: A planner (optional)

What to Do

To become a professional Bunburyist you will need to do a few things with the item(s) that you've collected:

1: Organize all of the places as far away from each other as possible.

2: Complete your outfits/disguises.

3: Make different information for each identity.

Possible Problems

A few things could occur while you are out Bunburying. Here are a few circumstances:

1: You could run into people that you know while in disguise.

2: You could have too many things going on at once.

3: You could also swap numbers/addresses to the wrong people

How to Avoid These Problems

A few simple steps could be applied to avoid these problems:

1: Keep a schedule to make sure that one life doesn't run into the other.

2: Be completely sure which person you are at the time.

3: While in character, greet people how you would as that character. Even if you already know them from the other life.

Once You Are Done.

Once you are done with all of these steps, you can celebrate! Do whatever you want in disguise, or not. Just be sure to be safe. After you go Bunburying a couple of times, you will have become a professional Bunburyist.

Where to Contact

Call, email, or come to our building if you have any questions.