Black Rat Snakes

Black Rat Snakes are a great example of natural selection!

The history of the the black rat snakes!

Over a 15-year period 359 black rat snakes were captured within a 750 acre area. Males were more inclined to wander but both sex's will remain in the same range. Their hatches have always appeared in late summer or early spring. They usually hunt for mammals and sometimes water animals. They have been around for years and years. They are found in hot places and wet places.

How is a black rat snake a part of natural selection?

The black rat snake became of natural selection because of their scale colors and camouflage. Many snakes have different colors for a reason, they match most of their surroundings to hide from predators. They camouflage, they do this to hide and catch food. It all depends on where the snake lives to.

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The rat snake demonstrates what necessities?

The rat snake demonstrates the necessities Variants within the population for which the variation is inheritable. They have the ability to give the gene of camouflage to most and all offspring. They will all be born with a certain pattern and the pattern can maybe be predicted but it will be a blend of the snakes surroundings.

Natural Selection for black rat snakes!