Heart and Soul


Two sessions left this dance season!

April 7-30

May 5-28

Dates to Remember

April 7-9--Fundraiser!

April 16--Tights are due

April 17--Arbor Daze rehearsal at 6:00 for everyone!!! We will have a parent meeting!

April 25--Arbor Daze performance at 4:20....everyone needs to be there by 4:00

April 28-30--Recital fees are due ($35)

May 29--Dress rehearsal

May 30--Recital

Dress Rehearal

Friday, May 29th, 5:30-7:30pm

5300 Heritage Avenue

Colleyville, TX

Come dressed and ready in your first costume!

Do not forget to bring all costumes, all dance shoes, make up, hair accessories! This is our practice for the big show! Can't wait to see all the girls on stage!

Heart and Soul's 2nd Annual Dance Recital

Recital 2015, Back In Time

Saturday, May 30th, 6pm

5300 Heritage Avenue

Colleyville, TX

This is it!!! We've been working toward this day for months! I am so proud of all our students and look forward to sharing how far we've come this year! Thank you all for making this a wonderful year!

Summer Classes

Our schedule is changing for summer!!!

We will be taking the week after recital off, but will be back for more fun classes!

June 9-July 2

August 4-27

About us

Mary Berlingieri and I started Heart and Soul in 2014, after working in a dance studio and watching a place we loved fall apart, we knew we had a vision to create something wonderful. We have poured our heart and souls into creating a fun place for all children to come and learn different forms of dance and to share our love of dance with our students.

We are also happy to have Kristen and Shelbe teaching with us this year. We appreciate all their hard work and dedication to our heart and soul family! A special thank you to all our parents and students for all your support this year! We are very excited to see everything coming together!!!