Cosmic Coaster

Details of The Cosmic Coaster

The Cosmic Coaster includes a starting hill of 97 feet drop that once the ride gets halfway it goes straight into a loop with a diameter of 33 feet. After the loop the ride turns in to a corkscrew that turns in through the inside of the loop. The ride finally finishes with a second corkscrew after the rest of the 97 foot hill.


No ride has a loop and 2 corkscrew and one going through the loop.

Type of Motion

Straight Line Motion- The ride has straight line motion when it is

going straight down the hill.

Circular Motion- The ride has circular motion when the ride is going

through the loop and the twists because they will be going in a few 360 degree turns

Types of Forces

Gravity-when going down the hill gravity is pushing the ride to help

it gain speed.

Friction- When the ride is over fiction so helping by slowing down

the wheel so it can stop smoothly.

Newtons Laws Applied

Law 1-The ride will continue to say stay still until the operator starts
the ride.

Law 2-With the amount of force acting on the carts during the first
hill the ride can have enough speed to make it around the loop.

Law 3-When the ride is over it will hit the end and the ride will push
back to help it stop.

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