Mrs. Jacques' Newsletter

Having fun exploring careers.

Career Exploring Unit

In April and May Mrs. Jacques will be going into Ms. Ryen's classroom and Mr. Laedke's classroom to teach the Yellow and the Green teams how to start exploring careers. In only a few weeks the 6th grade class will be 7th grade students so she has to start getting them ready for career searching using Naviance. This newsletter reviews the lesson.
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Who is Dr. Holland and how does he help people find careers/jobs that fulfill them?

Dr. John Holland was an american psychologist and Professor Emeritus of Sociology at John Hopkins University. He was the creator of the career development model, Holland Occupational Themes,otherwise known as the Holland Codes. The codes are personality traits that match up with specific careers. His theory is that if people matched up their interests to certain careers that required those interests then people would like their work, they would work harder and be happier.

Naviance Directions:

User Name: Student's full school email

Password: Student's full school id# (all numbers, no letters)

Click on the career tab, then onto the blue hyperlink that says "explore careers & clusters."

Students learned how to find careers using keywords, the alphabet and they all know their Holland Code.

Once they choose a career there four tabs for research and information. You need to click on each tab to get to that information. The tab titles are job description, knowledge & skills, tasks & abilities and wages.

If you are on the Yellow or Green team and you want to join a career exploring group, then please fill out this form below.

Click on the links below to explore careers on other websites.

NFMS Administrative Professionals

During the month of April and May we celebrate our administrative professionals at our school. They are social (helpers), conventional (organizers) and enterprising (persuaders). Their Holland Codes are SCE. These three woman are the heartbeat of our school. Thank you Mrs. Schwalbe, Mrs. Fejes and Ms. Roche for all you do!!
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