A Conversation About Enrichment

At Austin Elementary, we are driven to unlock the passion and cultivate the uniqueness inherent in every learner.

The Root Word of Passion is "To Suffer"

Remember This?

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Does this E-Time experience support our guiding purpose?

Is this E-Time activity a unique experience designed around the interests of my learners?

Will this E-Time experience give my learners an opportunity to explore something new or dive deeper into an area of interest?

How much voice and choice did I give my learners during the design process?

Red Flags

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  • E-Time activity is repeated every year with every group of learners
  • The entire grade level is doing the same E-Time activity or all the learners in the grade level are rotating through the same 3-5 activities over several weeks
  • E-Time activity is simply an extension of the regular curriculum that I did not have time for during "regular instruction"
  • E-Time activity was chosen based on what E-Time tubs or Kids Kits were available
  • E-Time activity/format designed around educator convenience rather than learner passion
  • Every learner is doing the same thing during E-Time
  • E-Time activity is "copied" from another school, another teacher, Pinterest, etc...

So What! Now What?

Based on what you have read, please use the comment section below to share one thing you will continue doing and one thing you will do differently in order to live out our definition of E-Time with integrity and purpose.