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The OceanMaker

The Ocean Maker

This is a stunning film, yet to be added to The Literacy Shed website. The animation is set in a post apocalyptic world. The oceans have dried up and the only sources of water are the clouds. Unfortunately, all of the clouds are jealously guarded by cloud pirates. The hero of the film, a young female pilot, take the pirates on head to head to collect water. Sadly, the film does not have a happy ending.

This film could be used in class to inspire discussions about what the world will be like in the future and the need to look after our natural resources.

Writing ideas:

  • Write a news report about the young hero, her deeds and her last flight.
  • Create an obituary.
  • Write a 1st or 3rd person narrative of the story.
  • Create a different ending.
This is not an exhaustive list and could go on and on...

Many of us spent the summer glued to the TV screens watching the Olympics. If we did this then many of our students would also have done so. Children will still be able to recall watching GB win many cycling medals as well as seeing Usain Bolt win another three medals... if they are excited by this then perhaps we should be using this excitement to inspire some great writing. On the literacy shed there are a number of fabulous Olympic resources, including an animated biography of Usain Bolt. 'The Boy Who Learned To Fly' Find these resources by clicking here.

Exclusive Content: The Boy Who Could Fly comprehension questions

The Literacy Shed on Tour

This year we have decided to tour the length and breadth of the UK as well as delivering our CPD sessions in schools, teachers can book on to our day courses in 20+ venues around the country.

Rob is also travelling to Bangkok and New Zealand to deliver CPD sessions there for local teachers, which you will be able to attend too if you are nearby.

Click the tour button below for more information.