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Vol. 3 No. 4 ~ February 5, 2016

In this Newsletter:

  • BLHS 10th: History Day
  • JMES/PKES/WAES 2nd Habitats
  • HCES/JMES 3rd Living & Nonliving Things
  • JMES 6th: Science Fair
  • RIF: HCES and TOES
  • Library Spotlight: Mt. Ogden Junior High School

BLHS 10th: History Day

District Teacher Librarians worked with Mr. Aguilar's 10th-grade history class at Ben Lomond High School, getting students ready to participate in the district's History Day. Topics ranged from the Berlin Wall to the Triangle Slave Trade. Students narrowed topics and dived into primary and secondary sources. Shown here, a student uses his whiteboard desk to draft his exhibit board.

JMES/PKES/WAES 2nd: Habitats

Second graders at Polk, James Madison, and Wasatch researched four habitats using online sources. They wrote scripts for stories about a lost animal trying to find its right habitat, explaining reasons why a habitat was appropriate or not for their animal. They used their scripts to create digital books using Book Creator on iPads!

HCES/JMES 3rd Living & Nonliving Things

What living and nonliving things would an animal in a zoo need to be healthy and happy? Third graders at Hillcrest and James Madison answered that question by creating a digital zoo! Students picked an animal to research and designed an enclosure for their animal using Google Draw. They shared their information in a paragraph, and labeled the living and nonliving things they selected for their animal's zoo habitat.

JMES 6th: Science Fair

Sixth graders at James Madison were learning about heat, light, and sound. Working with their teachers and District Teacher Librarians, students selected one of these categories, narrowed their topic through online research, and walked through the scientific process with a hypothesis and experiment to test their questions. District STEM Coordinator Roger Snow visited the 6th graders with an impressive (and fiery!) demonstration of some principles of heat, light, and sound. The students proudly presented their exhibits at their school's science fair.

Reading is Fundamental: HCES and TOES

In collaboration with the Weber County Library, every student at Hillcrest and T.O. Smith Elementary Schools received a free book from Reading is Fundamental. RIF is a national program promoting literacy and book ownership. The program was made possible this year by a generous grant from Macy's Department Store. Many thanks to Sarah Lovato from the Weber County Library for her coordination of this wonderful program for students.

Library Spotlight: Mount Ogden Junior High

Brenda Lore and Jennie Stuart have a welcoming rapport with students at Mt. Ogden Junior High. Many students come in and out of the library in the morning and during lunch. Students play math games on the computers or chess and other games at tables around the library. The clerks have worked hard to clean up the library space, and they involve students when they create displays around the library. Thanks for everything you do!

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