The Trip To Eilat

Trip Plan

The Departure

Arrival time: 7 am

Departure from school: 8 am

A two hour ride to Sde Boker, then we'll have a stop for eating, about half an hour.

The First Day

We will entrance to Sde Boker for an hour and a half for a guided tour. In Sde Boker we'll see the grave of David Ben Gurion and his wife Paula.

After the tour, we will take a short break of 10 minutes. Then we'll continue on bus towards Mitzpe Ramon for a half an hour.

We'll go for a challenging trip about 3 hours in Mitzpe Ramon. Then we'll take a break of 20 minutes. After the break we'll take a bus to the hostel in Eilat, that will take about two hours of driving.

The continue of the first day

Once we get there, we will get into the hostel, and send the students to their rooms. The students will have a free time for showers and dinner and any other activity. Lights out at 11!


In the second day we'll wake up at 7 a.m.

The breakfast begins at 8 a.m, so everyone who wants to eat, have to be in the dining room in time.

After the breakfast in 9 a.m we'll take a bus to the underwater observatory marine.

We'll take a guided tour that will take about two hours.

The end of the trip

After the tour ,we wiil continue to the beach on foot . In the beach we will take a break for one hour, STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GET INTO THE WATER! .At the same time the students will have the chance to eat .After the break, at 13:00 in the afternoon we will take a bus and return to our school in Rishon Letzion. Estimated arrive time on 8 p.m, everyone will go home by his own.