Painted Faces and Long hair


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Painted faces and long hair was showing how the boys were losing their civilization. They were painting their faces to go and hunt, and some of the boys were painting their faces to mask how scared they were. With the painted faces the boys had long hair. The only person who did not have long hair was Piggy. Piggy was the only one who had hope that they were going to get off the island.


"Well we won't be painted," said Ralph, " because we aren't savage" (Golding 172).

Ralph is tell Piggy, Sam and Eric that they were not going to paint themselves because they were going to stay civil and worry about the things that were important. They were also going to show Jack's group that they were the mature ones.

"He stood halfway from the neck and gazed at the savage intently. Freed by paint, they tied their hair back and were more comfortable than he was. Ralph made a resolution to tie his own hair back afterwards" (Golding 175). Ralph even though he said they were nit going to do what the other boys did he pulled his hair back because it was too long and in his way. When he did that he lost a part of his civilization he said he would not loose.
"He had even glimpsed one of them, striped brown, black, red, and had judged that it was Bill. But really, thought Ralph, this was not Bill. This was a savage whose image refused to blend with that ancient picture of a boy in shorts and shirt" (Golding 183). The boys that painted themselves were hiding from the past and civilization. The paint would hide how scared they were and they felt it was keeping them safe.
Emma Gaines Reaves