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Summary of Customization by Jennifer Hoover

Customization: Building the Right Playlist for Each Student

Differentiation has long been a "buzz" word in education, but with the advent and rapid rise of technology integration in the classroom, the term takes on a new meaning. Differentiation blended with technology gives the opportunity for customization to meet the individual needs of students with greater efficiency and more substantial results. The generation sitting in today's classroom is met with options and "playlists" at every turn, offering the ability to instantly customize, individualize with real-time updates, and receive instant feedback. Smart engines are no longer just for online shopping and "google" searches - now smart, dynamic programming can build custom playlists of lessons and activities for students based on individual needs, strengths and weaknesses, and student interests.

Customize your world!

Comment with a way that:

- as a teacher, you can build in customization and the idea of a playlist using technology into an existing lesson?

- as a student, what are some ways that a playlist will enhance your learning?