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How Genghis Khan's Army Got Catapults and Rockets

When Genghis Khan first started attacking other countries, he had no engineers to build catapults or fireworks. When he attacked China he got engineers from stopping supplies from getting in to Beijing so everyone starved to death. While he got ready to attack the wall and annihilate the city. So that he could make a point, "if you fight me it does not end well for you, not me. In other words I will annihilate you if you don't except, my kindness of sparing you not destroying you."

Trying a Diplomatic Approch

First when Genghis Khan attacked China he stopped the food from entering the walls so everyone except the guards, starved to death or resorted to cannibalism. Then Genghis Khan ordered an attack on the walls which lasted two days. Three first lines of prisoners that were used to wheel in shields large enough to fit twenty of Genghis Khan's soldiers. During the attack all of his soldiers wore a silk shirt so that it was easier to get an arrow out of the wound without breaking the tip off and the soldier dying. One time Genghis Khan tried a diplomatic approach to Persia, but the leader of Persia cut the ambassadors head off and sent it to Genghis Khan with a message, "We are not afraid of you," but the leader of Persia misjudged him. Then Genghis Khan's army attacked Persia with every thing they had.

The Influence Genghis Khan Left On The World

The effect Genghis Khan had on the people was cultural tolerance because he had all sorts of people. Here are all of the people he had: Europeans, Chinese, Persians, and Mongols. That's why the people in the areas that he conquered have high cultural tolerance, because if they were helping him, conquer he didn't care because they were helping him not the other side.

Genghis Khan is Coming

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