BCCA MESSENGER February, 2021

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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Principal's Message

Hello BCCA Families,

We have been blessed to increase our enrollment at Big Cove. I started with only 2 students this year, but have increased to 7. We began the year with 13 total students, but now have 18. It is a blessing to be able to see God answer the prayers for increased enrollment. Thank you to all of you who have kept the school in your prayers and have spread the word about our school!

One of the reasons we are growing is because we are still offering in-person classes during covid while many schools are not. It has brought some families in and those families have told others about how much they like the school. In turn, those other families decided to come. Covid is obviously a very bad thing, but God has used that bad thing to bring about something good for our school and the new families - just like how He used bad for good in the story of Joseph! Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery but then he became 2nd in command and ended up saving his family.

The other reason is because we offer a good spiritual and academic program. In the early church days, the message was so attractive that the church was growing day by day. It's nice to see that our school follows this model by offering a good spiritual/academic experience and growing day-by-day as well. It shows that the Holy Spirit is guiding our school and drawing more people to it!

However, the work is not done! As an evangelistic extension of the church, Big Cove will not rest and will keep trying to draw more and more people to it. We are working on better ways to do this and would love to hear feedback on what any of you think would be a good way to draw people into the school. If you have any tips, please email me at l.smith@bigcovesda.net. I would love to hear from you!

So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers. Acts 16:5


Lucas Smith

BCCA Principal

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Feb 9 - Garden Day

Feb 15 - President's Day Holiday (No School)

Feb 22-26 - School Spirit Week

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Join us in giving our teachers a HUGE shout out of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Every month we will learn about one of the families attending BCCA. With all the busyness of life, here is a great way to know each other better. This month our resident Family Connections member Dahlia Swatzell interviewed the Campos Family.

The Campos Family

Our February family is the Campos Family: dad, Jose Mejia and mom, Maria with their three beautiful children, Dana who turns 13 this month, Daniel, age 10, and the newest student in their family, Ayleen, age 5. I caught up with Maria electronically to get to know their family better.

*Don't forget to check Maria's recipe within the interview!

There's more! Click the attachment below to learn more about the Campos Family


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School Spotlight on Rocket City Mom

Spotlight on BCCA! Exciting News! Big Cove Christian Academy appears under the “School Spotlight” feature in the well known online publication Rocket City Mom at https://www.rocketcitymom.com. The Spotlight feature will run for the entire month of February.

To find BCCA’s Spotlight, on the Home page click on the “Education” tab, then click on "School Spotlight." Scroll down to find BCCA. There you will see contact information, school philosophy, and other topics of interest.

Being able to have BCCA in the Spotlight is truly a blessing! Because of COVID, Rocket City Mom made this affordable! We are hoping that raising community awareness about BCCA will bring us more interested families.

Please HELP US SPREAD the word about our school by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and e-mail.

Spread The Word! Help us reach families by sharing the attached flyer to your Facebook.


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Happy 100th Day of School!

BCCA celebrated the 100th day of school! This was a fun day to celebrate that the school year is almost over. There were so many engaging activities! The day began with Bible class and searching for passages that talk about 100. The Kindergarteners learned about what 100 looks like by creating picture books of 100 with stamps, glitter dots, and counting to 100. For PE they did 10 sets of 10 exercises to a total of 100. This was followed by a Nature walk where each collected 5 pinecones and then they counted by 5s to 100, and wrote in their journals about their pinecone experience. In math class they had a STEM FAIR and Professor Hundred was their special speaker. They rotated into 5 creation stations every 8 minutes. Each station had 100 building objects that we constructed something creative with and then we journaled in our lab notebooks each thing we created. They discussed about what was the easiest , most challenging, most fun and why. At lunch they celebrated with a hundred day cake. It tasted amazing! They also had the opportunity to create an All About Me 100 day poster and a 100 Days Smarter Activity. They ended their day of celebration by receiving 100 Days Smarter crowns, sun glasses, stickers and 100 Uno mini cards from Mrs Boyd and MS. B!


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Spirit Week Feb 22-26

For the whole week from Feb 22-26 join us in showing your school spirit by participating in the many fun events every day this week. There is something for everyone, and it will be great to see your creativity! Every participant will receive a goody for showing their school spirit!


Black History Month

In February, we recognize notable achievements of African Americans. How wonderful Heaven will look like with all nationalities represented in one place.


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Update on Pastor Mills

Dear School Families,

I was admitted to Madison Hospital where I had total hip replacement surgery. Surgery started about 9:30 AM and in a few short hours I was discharged from the hospital and sent home.

Everything seems to have gone well. I am now at home in recovery being taken care of by my sweet wife, Pam, who is also an RN.

Early this morning I had my first Physical Therapy appointment where I re-learned some of the simple things of life—such as getting up and down in a chair, getting in and out of bed, all the while dealing with the pain that comes with the aftermath of surgery.

My first marathon might be a little longer in the wait. Until then I covet your prayers and thank the Lord for good health care.

Love Always,
Pastor Randy Mills


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