Before The 1700's

Most of the important events that happened are...

The Mayflower Compact!!

  • First Document wrote by colonists
  • 41 men signed it
  • 100 total people on the mayflower
  • Took place on the Mayflower

Pennsylvania was founded!!

  • Founded by William Penn
  • Charles I gave William a large piece if his land
  • William made it into houses and farmland
  • Happened in 1681

King James II let people come to America!!

  • There was American land between Delaware and Connecticut
  • Penn wanted to save as many lives as he could
  • Penn didn't want people smashed together
  • wanted to save land for plants and animals

Christopher Columbus!

  • Found America
  • Took 3 tries to get to America
  • Lead all of the voyages
  • Had 90 crew members
  • Went with 3 ships

The Mayflower!

  • Set sail in 1620
  • Pilgrims were the 1st Americans
  • 53 passengers and 50% of crew lived

The First Printing press!

~ Made by Johann Gutenburg

~Made in 1448

~Its the start of a copy machine

~Helped copy books, papers etc. a lot better